Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Blip Journals # 46 Meanwhile At The Coast

When I was doing my series of blips based on journal names I always wanted to do meancoast's. I was born in a costal town not far from here and the name attracted my attention very early on in blipping.

The last day of my holiday break and I asked Chippy if he minded a beach visit again this year. I wasn't feeling too bad about the day until one of two ladies having a picnic on the beach looked at me and said "Do you really feel the light is good enough today to take photos?" I told her I had the day off work and couldn't come back on a better day. "Never mind!" she said, "You could always photograph some flowers."

Does she know me? Does she know that three quarters of my journal is flower blips?

Never mind, I've had a lovely weekend. Thank you Chippy, for doing all the driving.

The last in the series is here.

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