Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Fennel For Tea

When I was shopping last Wednesday I fell in love with a bulb of fennel. I loved the feathery foliage. I quite often buy flowers to blip but not often vegetables. Having bought it and looked at it for a week I thought we had better make something with it. Throwing dead flowers on the compost heap is OK, but wasting food isn't!

As we always have home-made soup on Wednesdays, I asked The Man if he could make something with it. "Buy another 2, and some celery" he said.

A quick shot taken before I went to work meant I had a blip and sending more home with the delivery of shopping meant that The Mother and I had Potato and Fennel soup, using a "River Cottage" recipe, waiting for us when we got home. I warmed up some fresh bread and enjoyed a wonderful new taste!

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