Tall Ship

Ok, technically a boat, but that doesn't work as well as a title.

Scouting out potential new locations and subjects for the-commute-home-blip this evening and headed out along a route by the River Forth that I hadn't explored before. Would've taken more pictures too but, for the first time in a long time, I went out without any spare battery so only shot a couple before the camera died. I kept on walking for a good bit as it was just a nice way to wind down out there in the sunshine, even though it felt odd carrying a camera bag and not taking any pictures. Some potential for when I return with a full charge.

The other thing that felt a bit odd down here is that ten days ago someone tried to swim across the river near here. They didn't make it and despite an extensive search no sign of them has been found yet. All a bit gruesome and, standing and watching the speed of the water flowing by here and looking at the thick impenetrable mud, unbelievable that anyone would even attempt something like that.

EDIT: Not wanting to change this image now, but managed a couple of shots of the International Space Station as it passed south of us tonight.

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