The Man's Back

After last year's run-in with a stolen car, today saw the return of Andy Scott's erection on the outskirts of the village.

It's still causing controversy, along with all of the other roundabout art in the Wee County and, quite scarily, only last week another vehicle ran off the road here and ended up on its roof near where the statue stood last year. This time though there's been a small mound built up, planted with some shrubs by the looks of it, on which the big man can safely gaze out over the carse and wave at The Wallace Monument (Willy waving?).

Good to have him and his shiny buns of steel back though.

PS: Cheers to my brother-in-law for driving past and bawling out his car window at me as I scouted out this shot earlier. Shit myself.

...and we have a blipsnap too!

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