Alice M

With my oldest sick, I didn't have to run him all the way out to school today. So when it was time for lunch, I hurried home and ate. Then I darted out the door to get out to the harbor for some photo time.

I forgot that the bridge is under construction, and I was short on time. I didn't want to get stuck on the other side and be really late for work, so I turned before the bridge at the shipyard.

It's an amazing place filled with old boats and ships. Some have made them a home, while others have let them go to waste. It really lends itself well to photography.

I had a really hard time choosing tonight. My husband is still at work, so I'm going with this one. I'm really partial to monochrome, and I love how the sky pulls you into the it's this one.

I did upload the rest to a flickr set if you want to have a look. And be sure to view this one in large if you have time.

Time to get the boys out of the bath. G'night!

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