The way I see it.

By christinePears

Dandelions, Celandines and Sea

Another beautiful day of glorious sunshine. A few wispy clouds around now so who knows how long it will last? Went down to the walk above the sea at lunchtime and enjoyed the lovely views and the smell of the sea.

I feel sorry for dandelions as they have such a bad reputation as a garden weed but growing wild they add a wonderful splash of yellow along with the celandines at this time of year. I think they contrast well with the blue sky.

My oldest son is back up for a few days working and tonight he did what only someone who loved you would do. He walked through the village pushing a wheelbarrow to transport an awkwardly shaped composting tumbler that a friend wanted rid of!!!! Bless him! My friend assured me that it would produce wonderful compost in a couple of months by rotating it round it's spindle every few days. Time will tell....

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