Finally the weather forecast is correct

We can't complain with the weather. It was an awful forecast for all of Easter.

Opito Bay is sheltered from wind from the south east through to nor'west. This morning we could see that beyond the bay we'd likely paddle into trouble. Instead we hopped around rocks to a reasonably sheltered point and fished off the rocks. Unlike yesterday location and conditions demanded more caution and awareness.

Lots of fun, plenty of bites and we fed the fish well leaving them in the sea.

By early afternoon it was raining, then it rained some more and even harder, just as sub-tropical Northland can do. We needed a few supplies so snuck into Kerikeri.

My favourite Kerikeri haunt the Jerusalem Cafe was open. The food is great as is the coffee. We visited twice taking in coffee and dinner. It's a place with a warm atmosphere of peace and tolerance. The world need more of both.

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