All Those Pretty Things..

By erinsharp


And what a model this guy turned out to be! :P Soooo photogenic! :P I was a bit stuck for a blip as me and Ed went SHOE SHOPPING!! yay.... He took an absolute age!!! So I will NEVER be going shoe shopping with him again.

In the evening we went to the local leisure centre because Ed was doing wall supervision so I was keeping him company! :P Well I attempted to, he still got bored... What does that say about me? :P

Ed also very kindly set up a Prussik for me to try... Yeah he let me use his dodgy knot tying skills before he had a go! :P Fills me with confidence!! :P
This man was MORE than willing to model for me! Bet he didn't expect to turn out famous from it ;) haha

So overall not an overly inspiring day! Sorry! I feel my photo's aren't doing great at the moment :S Let Down! Sorry again!

Hopefully I'll get a good one soon!!!

Later Fellow Blippers! x

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