Arnside and beyond

By gladders


Sunrise seen from Harefield Parrock, Arnside

Did I miss something today? After watching the sun rise like a ball of fire through the clouds, I spent the rest of the morning in the garden. It was so quiet, where was everyone?

Getting up for the dawn is getting increasingly difficult. This was taken at 0605. I was out of the house by 0540 waiting for the sun. At times like that I get a sense of what it must have been like for our superstitious ancestors who knew nothing of the spin of the Earth. Standing there waiting, as I have done many times before, I wondered if this was the time that the sun would not reappear. We really aren't the rational beings we like to pretend, the irrational mind is forever feeding in thoughts to make you doubt your experience, knowledge and logic. Early mornings are the worst, the rational mind seems to be still slumbering and the irrational self is very much in charge.

Wifie went to some do in the morning, something to do with some folks getting married.

In the evening we went to Printfest in Ulverston, and while we promised ourselves we wouldn't, we again succumbed to temptation for the third year running.

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