Journey Through Time

By Sue

With this ring...

...I thee wed.

Okay, I did NOT stay up all night long to watch the Royal Wedding, since I am a West coast person. But I recorded it so that I could watch it today. I took my own photos of the royal proceedings, and this closeup they did of when Prince Charming William, put the ring on Cinderella's Kate's finger came out the best.

As far as Royal Weddings go, this one was the best one I've ever seen, which hasn't been that many, granted, but still, so lovely. I don't know how it could have been any better. I did hear that somebody carefully planted thousands of tulips to bloom for the wedding, but the warm early English spring made them bloom too soon. Other than that little trick of nature, I can't imagine a more perfect day for this couple and everyone who cheers them on. The only other royal wedding that I think was so loving was when Prince Edward married his long time love. I still remember him winking at her when she was coming down the aisle.

Kate was so beautiful and her dress was perfect. It was elegant but did not overwhelm her and showed off her slim figure to perfection. And he looks positively twitterpated with love. If this marriage does not remain a happy union, and they don't live happily ever after, then I will eat one of those big, flowery, feathery hats that was worn to the wedding.

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