A Pic is Worth a 1000 Words.

By AgrawalKrish


Meet One of my Very good friends; "Rajan". After touching the ground, Immigration & Baggage claim started walking towards Customs Clearance. Carrying two MACs + Damn costly Camera on shoulder & on top of that many costly gift items for friends & relatives in the bag made me little nervous there. Didn't panic though but instead of just trying to go out, I thought of talking to Customs officer? Am I crazy ??? I've my ways to feel comfortable when I'm little nervous "Dare something Crazy". Sir, Where can I find letter box in this Airport ? I've got few envelops to post. He said: Not here you'll have to go out and look for a Letter box. MAY I go Out? Sure. Crossed the gate. Went to call Rajan to let him know that I'm out safe with his Mac on my shoulder. Somewhere nearby he was already waiting for my call and within no time he was there in-front of the Exit gate. Dumped all the bags in his Car and smelled the air.

Rajan: Garmi hai naa ( Its hot, isn't it ? )
I : Don't feel like, I'm loving it.
Rajan: What's the plan ?
I : You're behind the wheels, lets go wherever you feel like going.
Rajan: Chal Gurgaon chalte hain (Let's go to Gurgaon).
I : I've got total 12 hours, wherever you turn the wheel.

We thought of calling one of our other common friend Abhi to check if he can also join us. Rajan dialed the number and handed his phone to me:
Other end: Hello
I : Where the hell are you ?
Other end: Who's this ?
I : Guess ???
Other end: Abhi is driving.
He was stuck up somewhere in Central Delhi and looked like he won't be able to make it. Rajan suggested a place Howzatt - Kapil Dev's SPORTS PUB, saying its pretty decent one, you'll like it. I had no idea about it but I had faith in his choice and I must say wasn't disappointed.

After that we went to have Dinner @ a roadside Dhaba and on the way there was an accident between a Bike & a Car. We stopped the car for a glass of Juice and what I saw couldn't believe, After the accident a cop car came to investigate. To their bad luck people grabbed two police men who came out of the car and started beating them, the Bike driver who seemed injured grabbed the collar of police man sitting inside the car and was trying to pull him out from the car window itself :)

Rajen: Ye Gurgaon hai bhai (Welcome back to India) :D

After the dinner he switched ON his Mac and seemed very happy with it. he dropped me at the airport @ around 23:00 and thats when I clicked him.

Once Rajan left I stepped inside the airport, I still had more than 6 hours to board my flight so they didn't allow me to go to terminal, instead I had to wait in Visitor's lounge. Felt bored so thought of going downstairs where few eateries & other shops are there. Saw a Bench where two airport employees were sitting and talking something, I sat down and started watching "Everybody Loves Raymond", After watching 1 episodes pulled the earplug to notice those two employees were talking in Chhattisgarhi (Official language of my State). But now a days even in my state not many use Chhattisgarhi, I can still speak & understand good amount of Chhattisgarhi.

There was a time in my life when I used to feel so SHY TO TALK to anyone, now I feel like I CAN TALK TO anyone & on any generic topic.

After asking their name & from which place of my state they are, I started talking to them: What do they do here in the airport ? Why did they come so far for Job ? Who all are there in their families ? How often do they go back home? How many hours do they work daily ?

They kept telling me all I was asking and also asked lot of questions to me too. Could pass good amount of time talking to them.

By the time it was dawn and they had to go to attend next flight, I also took off and climbed upstairs to check-in.

* Straight out of the Black Box: No time to touch the pic *
*It's a Backblip# 02*

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