A day at a time....

By Trotsky

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz takes place at the start of May. It takes place over 3-5 days. Lots of noise, loads of visitors to the village, bus loads, all ages.

All through winter groups of women get together and design and plan their crosses. They make hundreds and hundreds of paper flowers. They decorate their crosses and the majority are displayed in a public room in the centre of the village.

Anywhere between 5 and 10 are displayed around the village in empty rooms. The rooms are decorated and lit to enhance their crosses. Visitors can obtain a map of where in the village to go to see all the crosses.

The crosses are then judged by the Hermanidad (I think). There are different classes, children, youths, older women.

On the final day there is a procession of these crosses through the streets of the village.

The photo I've blipped has won the overall first prize. Our friend Carmen (Antonia's daughter)belongs to the group who made this one and probably had a lot to do with the planning of the entire thing.

I took loads of other photos of different crosses and rooms and this one is probably the most subtle in colour!

The prize for the women who have spent the entire winter making, planning and designing is a certificate and the glory. The Hermandad celebrate with a meal in the square (men only)!!!!

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