Picture you or picture me ...

I'm not experienced in street photography or portrait photography. But something unexpected happened. If you would have told it me before, I shoudn't have believed ...

I was on the streets in the area where I live. My camera on my shoulder. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me. Belonged to a man, on a bench in the sun.
"Hey mister, thats quite a camera ... I make a picture of you?"
I looked in a kind face with a big smile. I said that it was not the meaning of the camera on my shoulder to let passers-by take my photo. In the meantime I thought: "Why not seize this opportunity?"

So I tried a big smile myself and said:
"But I can take a picture of you ... would that be okay?"
"Oh, you take a picture of me ... well ... yeah...".
"I take this picture for my journal, and I make you a big print ... okay?"
"Yeah man ... okay ... let's do it".

I pointed my camera on this stranger on the bench and shot. One time, and it is as it is; one simple pose and a wall of the outer stairwell of a buidling as a chance background.
"Hey, let me see man, let me see!" I showed him his image on the display of the camera.
"Hey man ... that's good, eh? ... That's me ... Hey, that's very good man ... Now you give me a print, eh?"
I asked him where he lived. He told me. And I promised him to bring him a print.

I brought him in the meantime his photo. I framed it. For free. Because he's my very first 'model' during my blip adventure. Totally unexpected.

And he? Well, he was very happy and very satified ...

And I? Well, let's say that I'm still a bit surprised ... ;)

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