Arnside and beyond

By gladders


Dallam Park, Milnthorpe

A young fallow buck stands in the shade of a sycamore with brilliant sunshine beyond. This was one of those brief moments frozen in time, he stood still long enough for me to lift and point the camera. The picture of him is softly focussed, I'd like to say that was deliberate, but it wasn't. I wasn't quick enough to focus on him.

I took this before going to Lancaster Infirmary for the latest appointment following the MRI scan of the mystery lump on my foot. The final diagnosis: as suspected all along, a ganglion. Do I want it excised? No. In fact, I've become rather fond of it over the last six months.

There were swifts screaming and scything through the sky above Milnthorpe as I came home this afternoon. They've arrived, bringing with them the sound of Summer. That's 131 on the year list.

At long last, our curtains are due to arrive this evening. We've been 4+ years without any. Though it does mean missing what promises to be the best sunset for a week or so. So the softly focussed fallow buck will have to do.

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