Five things

By fivethings


1. I nip to Tesco for a wee packet of hankies. One single packet is unavailable I can however buy 18 packets for £1.19. I'm not used to shopping in Tesco- it's like being on holiday somewhere when the exchange rate worked. I now have enough tissues to make my own replica Royal wedding dress and I keep showing people my jumbo tissues and telling them the price.

2. I head for our early 'away day' which is in a West End coffee shop called S'mug. - they clearly know their potential potential customers - and spend a productive morning hacking through plans.

3. There was a stoat outside our office having a sunbath. I tried to take it's picture, but a combination of it being wise to paps and me being rubbish meant three photos of blurry bushes. It was ever so cute though.

4. Instead I stroll to Gilmorehill Park and have my lunch outside. The place is busy with art students - the art school is everywhere round these parts. Some sculptures are being worked on in the sun and there's an air of holiday coolness wafting by.

5. Alana comes over for a visit and we spend the night catching and having a laugh.

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