Emergency Blip #2

I was premature in thinking that the problems with my satellite reception were over. After 36 hours of trouble free reception, sound started breaking up again today as I listened to BBC Radio 4 and BBC 6 Music while I worked. So quite a section of the day was spent pruning more and more branches and lugging them for temporary storage in my car port. Several trips to the recycling skip will be needed. There are more branches that may be swaying into the signal path in the wind that are harder to access. I will tackle those tomorrow.

I took a couple of pictures during the day but they were rubbish. I didn't get away from the cottage until I went to vote this evening, and took this as I left. The plant is growing in a flowerbed on the other side of the private driveway leading from my cottage to the main road. I have had a play with the colours so they are not true to the plant - an alternative treatment is below.

Blip #404
Consecutive Blip #401

Treatment Red

One Year Ago: Still Life With Miniatures

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