By PrimeMart

Out of Synch

So yesterday whilst voting, I noticed a community garden behind the new swanky town hall. Good to see council tax is being spent wisely. I noticed a huge bug hotel which must be the Ritz compared to the bug Travel Lodge I have in my garden, I swear it even had valet parking.

These floor tiles are colourful but annoying. They all face different directions. I know this will add fuel to my brother's Ben views about me, but sort it out before I do. I feel a stiff letter of complaint to the local Gazette coming on!

In other exciting news, could not get a signal on my Blackberry this morning so had to wake Dozy manually. Ouch.

This is a shame, because I had my Dicken's all sorted:

'7 a.m, it is the best of times, and the worst of times.... the law may be an ass but do need to go to school... it is the spring of hope so GET IN THE SHOWER.'

Any literary suggestions for tomorrow?

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