a town called E.

By Eej


I probably shouldn't admit we are 'those' people. The kind of people that call themselves 'mama' and 'daddy' when talking with their cats. In our defence (though I seriously doubt this will make it sound any less insane); we pretend it's not us calling us that, it's the cats themselves who started it. The Beloved has a habit of 'translating' what they are saying, and he chooses to translate more accurate terms like (I'm sure) 'humans' and even 'minions' into more ... uhm ... pleasant sounding terms.

The few times I have called any of them an 'emergency' Blip I most likely didn't mean it. Maybe I thought that calling them that provided a comforting layer of protection against the cat-haters. As if to say: "Look, I don't take them seriously, I only use 'm as Blipfodder!"
Though, honestly, I know that ship sailed when I posted my first Blip. Of a cat. With the promise of Blipping the other 4 soon. Of course, I stopped giving a crap caring about how some people feel about cats and cat photos. I know that deep, deeeeeeeep down inside, they love the fluffy fuzzies!*

In response to Bethanne's Challenge, here's Recluse in the windowsill. Sniffing some spring air, listening to the birds, yawning and looking surprisingly sweet for a bitchy monster.

*hey, it's my world, I can believe what I want.

ps. Fijne Moederdag, Mama!
pps. Thanks so much for all the hearts and comments on yesterday's trees. Much appreciated :)

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