By mollyblobs


When I uploaded yesterday's blip I had only just heard the sad news about Molly, and could not express my feelings in words. Ii was surprised to feel such real grief at the loss of someone I'd never met. I couldn't look at Blipfoto last night - it didn't seem right without Molly being there.

Today I've had time to reflect. I went for a walk in one of our local woodlands, an activity which I found tremendously healing after my Mum died. Nature worked it's magic, and the void of loss was gradually replaced with an appreciation of how lucky I had been to know Molly, and to consider her my friend.

The outpouring of love on this site is a testament to her kindness and generosity, which was always tempered with a dry sense of humour! The best tribute to her is for us to continue her legacy, and extend the hand of friendship to new blippers, just as she did so well.

My image tonight is the flower head of sheep's sorrel, a tiny plant whose flowers are insignificant, until they'reviewed through a macro lens. I think she would have appreciated that.

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