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By buckleyhughes

sprouting spuds!

So, in the middle of March we planted six seed potatoes in the vegetable patch. We don't have a good track record of growing potatoes, so we spent a lot of time choosing these ones after talking to the helpful man in the seed potato choosing department. These are early main crop, completely idiot-proof, don't need too much watering, will grow in any soil and any weather conditions potatoes, so we should be just about ok.

About 2 weeks after we planted them, we started seeing little leaves growing out of the soil. And now just look at them - triffids! I'll be weeding them and earthing them up at the weekend.

And don't they look grand in the early evening sunlight?

(I've decided that sprouting spuds is going to be my latest interjection of choice - "sprouting spuds, Mrs BH, I've done it again!")

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