New Dawn #16

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I was right about the greenery. The college building's pretty much hidden behind all the leaves that have sprouted in the past month, all the final dressing with glass and brick pretty much obscured. Still, the swooping swallow and half-moon give you something else to look at instead.

A month from now and all the students will be finishing up for the last time in the old campus, and the next batch will all have been interviewed and given their places down here in the shiny new place. Having had a look around our current rooms at the stored junk material from around 40 years of edumacation there's a nagging doubt that it's not all going to fit. Can't even see how my own meticulously clean and uncluttered desk is going to fit into the proposed plastic box for the short trip down the hill to here. Maybe I'll be able to squeeze it all in with the help of some lighter fuel and match.

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Petrol Price update: When this process started, unleaded petrol was 25p a litre less expensive than it is today (133.9p). Shocking.

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