Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


For Bethanne's dog challenge! So many itty bitty yapper dogs around. I grew up with spaniels and an irish setter so wanted a bigger one to pose for me. This is Kate, my 90 year old neighbor's good buddy. She was adopted right after Katherine Hepburn's death so hence her name. She said I could take her picture but she had to have that ball right now.

I used up my allotment of words yesterday for the 365 blipbirthday - but just want to say thanks for all the comments!!!!!! - I was a bit overwhelmed -I'm not at all used to that, NOR the spotlight page. :-) I will try to get to everyone's journal and it will be so fun to see the new ones, ( but it won't be instant.......)

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