Big Hill

By bighill

Stupa, Gampo Abbey.

We took Bronwyn on a trip around the Cabot Trail! It is such a spectacular drive and lots of amazing places to stop and gather in the vistas. When we left Big Hill it was very dreary, misty and not very promising! however, once we got over towards Margaree Harbor, on the west coast, we actually saw some blue skies. And that continued, most of the journey.

After a huge lunch in Pleasant Bay, we headed to Gampo Abbey. The two monastics that lead our retreat here a few weekends ago, agreed to give us a was amazing!

This is the Stupa at Gampo Abbey, built about 5-6 years ago. There is much symbolism in a Buddhist stupa, and i can't begin to describe it!!! It was an interesting thing for Bronwyn to be informed about, and Ani Lhamo was very generous with her explanations! After a walk to the Stupa, we headed back to the Abbey. Here, we were treated to a wonderful tour of the Shrine Room, the library, the dinning hall's a very beautiful place! There are more images of our trip here on my flickr page.

The drive itself takes about 5 hours....and with all the stops and visiting we did, we didn't get home till almost 8pm....we left at 11am!!

It was a wonderful day, and just such a treat to share this with my adorable daughter!

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