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hostage to hosta

So, a few years ago we were given two hostas by our very kind and generous next door neighbour - she's always giving us plants. For several years they both sat happily in tubs on the patio, at times surrounded by builders and scaffold, but always coming through it unscathed.

At the end of last summer they were moved, as usual, to the plant-pot dormitory/graveyard to over-winter. But only one of them resurfaced this spring, and was again replaced to the patio to look lovely. I knew the other one was in there somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Until last weekend when Mrs BH replaced the screening around the dorm/graveyard. And lo, hosta #2 reappeared, looking rather leggy and in need of sunlight, and with a pot that hadn't survived the frosts.

This weekend we decided to buy a new pot, and one of our guests, who was seemingly appalled at our lack of a replacement pot and general tardiness about a) finding hosta #2 and b) putting hosta #2 on display, promised faithfully to re-pot her for us over the weekend. We even set it all up for her - pot, compost, hosta.

You'll notice that this photo was taken on Monday 16th May. This is not the weekend, and our guest hasn't re-potted the hosta. Oh no.

But we're not going to wait to re-pot hosta #2 until the next time she visits. We'll probably do it the day before!

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