Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

The treatment begins

This could well be one of the worst blips ever posted here, but I've no choice in the matter, since this was the only photo of the day.

I got a call mid-morning from my local pharmacy to say they'd got my hormone injections in. I phoned my doc at once and made an appointment to see him at 3.00 to have the injections administered. It's quite a complicated process, involving combining two different materials and agitating them to arrive at the injection material. For this first treatment, the procedure had to be done twice to arrive at the two 120mg doses required. The radiation oncologist had taken me through the possible side-effects yesterday, he'd given me a booklet which also detailed them, and now the doc read out the full, long, long list of common and not so common problems which may follow. Most immediately, I was warned to expect pain at the injection sites, and this certainly proved to be accurate.

This treatment will be the worst, since from now on there'll only be one injection involved, with a reduced does of 85mg. And today is the first of an extensive course which will now continue every 28 days for the next three years!. The most important thing of all, of course, is that treatment has begin. Going through a bit of pain or discomfort is a small price to pay for what I'm promised will result in a complete cure. Now there's just tomorrow's appointment and the 'camera test', and then the follow-up meeting with the oncologist on the 30th.

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