Evening sea kayak training sessions started tonight. Despite the calm looking water here, it was extremely windy, and correspondingly choppy ahead at Chanonry Point. There were (obviously) some heavy showers too! Only a couple of loons ventured round into the chop... it was great fun!

The tide turned as we reached the point, and a few of the Bottlenose Dolphins were putting on a good show (fooling about) close to the shore - all for the benefit of a small, hardy, group of photographers. There looked to be about three Canon 400mm f/2.8 lenses amongst the group, so no doubt some good photographs were captured.

Would love to be able to use a DSLR out on the water, though it was too wild to consider it tonight. Have been spoilt by their speed, quality of output, and viewfinders. This little Pentax waterproof camera's better than nothing, really handy for macro, but the image quality just isn't in the same league. May have to try and make some water protection thingy for a DSLR... sometime.

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