Laundry On the Line.....

at last....

Another sunny, warm day here and i got to hang the laundry out on the line....spectacular feeling! I never was one to enjoy this particular domestic activity, but here the vista is so amazing, my time isn't so demanded upon, and's just plain lovely to stand on the deck, a warm breeze and doing something domestic!!!

I spent a large amount of time transplanting small tomato seedlings....i was a bit over zealous i think when planting the seeds! My wonderful friend Audrey, sent me a beautiful gift a few months ago...many little packages of heirloom tomato seeds, that she herself has been growing and saving the seeds of for a few years! Talk about responsibility.... i feel so bound to grow these amazing tomatoes.....but i do have way too many plants! so, after the first 10 or so, i got a bit more ruthless....but even then, i still have about 100 plants!!!!! anyone want a nice tomato plant??? But it'll be fine, i'll grow some in the garden..... Terry's a bit concerned about how much of the garden i'm going to want....but i will also grow some in containers around the outside of the studio etc. Also, i'm going to give many away....seems like the right thing to do! So, i'm hoping for a bumper crop of tomatoes....which i'll do all sorts of neat things with and then freeze them! i love tomatoes!!! Some of the varieties are amazing, purple ones, striped ones, heart shaped ones and really dark, almost black ones!!! i can't wait!

Other than that, not too much more to to turn the other nights spaghetti sauce into something changing the flavours of an already made dinner!

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