Big Hill

By bighill


Had a good and productive day in the studio....and not much else to report! it's been pretty laid back here - another warm and clear day! I managed to take a little walk around the pond after work and took all sorts of shots. Had a lovely time gazing into the water and watching the little polliwogs dart here and there as they detected my presence. they are are that amazing stage, the colour of a frog, but the shape of a tadpole, only's just so astonishing just to watch them dart here and there!

And then a phone call from a dear old friend....actually the one that sent me the tomato that energy connection or what, after me talking about her yesterday...i know she hasn't been on my blip for awhile....pretty cool! so i sat on the steps outside the front door, glass of wine by my side...that was her fault, she told me she was already onto her first (and probably only) glass of the evening! we had a wonderful long conversation! our friendship goes way back to our college days at Sheridan...she was also in the ceramic program. since then she has moved in many directions and is now a yoga teacher and a very obsessed gardener!!

dinner and a movie awaits!

have a wonderful weekend blippers!!!

edit, saturday morning: a few comments below had me checking out here is a link to Polliwogs!

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