All that is beautiful

By sharob


You know what, I love pictures like this. I love that my girls feel comfortable around eachother, that they visibly love eachother. The relationship with my sister was already ruined at this age. It's so sad and sometimes, I feel such strong emotions - 1, jealous of my children, jealous that I didn't have the friendship which they clearly both have with eachother, 2, anger at my parents for not even trying, 3, pride, immense pride that I have encouraged and helped build this friendship.

They've been pretty good today, we've had a rocky time with Clara. She is so ready for school, she is just so bored and even though I can teach her some things, I can't keep her stimulated all day what with having Storm and cooking and cleaning .. poor Clara. But then, at the same time, I notice that Storm is behind in areas which Clara was racing ahead with and that's simply because I have Clara, cleaning and cooking to do. I cannot split myself into too many people and I've actually been punishing myself for this. I should just look at the photo above and know that actually, through it all, even though I can't do all that I want with them, I'm doing a good job. Isn't that all it's about? Doing our very best?

Been doing some charity work tonight, I hardly do anything really, just some desktop publishing, the lady who runs the charity doesn't give me enough work to do ;)

I'm listening to Jeff Waynes 'War of the Worlds' .. I bet it scared people in it's time, but I really love it!! Hmm ..

And yes, that's the children, both on a table, eating Cheerios .. and a cobweb behind Storm! Haha! It got cleared up later! And I cheated, auto settings today!

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