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By sharob

Winds of change ...

So, we went to view a house this morning. We need to make a decision. Move now, start Clara in a new school, save a decent amount of money a month, live in a smaller house closer to amenities .. or stay here, put Clara through 1 year of a not so good school only to move her later, keep living in the red each month, enjoy a huge gigantic beautiful house ... our hearts don't want to leave this village, but our heads, all logic and sense say that we should just bite the bullet. We have no savings, with no chance to save. My Mum will help us with our deposit, although, I don't think she quite realises how much it'll be yet :( Poor Mum :( But we could re-pay her so quickly once our outgoings are less!

We just need to appeal to our landloards, deeply hidden, better nature. We think he's going to fight us. Hasn't put our deposit into a tenancy deposit scheme, we don't know whether we'll get that back but that was a substantial amount - we could easily pay my Mum back and buy a few bits for the new house - curtains etc.

The new house is a single storey, 3 bed with a huge conservatory on the back - which, oddly you can only get into through 2 of the bedrooms! The garden is teeny, so we need to sell our trampoline. There is a garage with an extension on the back, they've built it into another room which they can't advertise as a bedroom as there is no heating in there but, we have a friend who needs a room for a few months .. perfect! Hmmm .. We've just gotta do it. Considering at the moment we're meant to be marrying in August, it ain't happening right now .. no money!!

Storm is still unwell, keeps falling to sleep on me. Took her to docs, he's baffled, doesn't know what's wrong .. just told me to keep giving calpol and fluids. Mmm. She's not right .. she is not the type of baby to fall to sleep 3 times in 1 morning ..

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