Mrok's photo of the day

By Mrok

Recordstore X

Sorry haven't been blipping lately. Our household has ben quite a mess after the move. Have been taking few pics but I guess have to get this together again as things are starting finally to calm down..

Yesterday visited a local pro-photographer that had cheap Canon 40d for sale and bought the camera as have been longing for some real tool to be used together with my LX3. have now only Canon basic 50mm/1.8 for it. I guess have to start learning how to use this combination properly - so here is my first try ;)

Today visited to biggest recordshop in town, The Recordstore X. Ordered one LP there that wanted to make sure will have (Fleet Foxes newest one) when it arrives. Also bought few used jazz LP's from the 60's and 70's including one really nice finding from Coleman Hawkins.

Today the atmosphere at X was relaxed and calm. No hectic lunch hour and plenty of time to chat with cutsomers etc as only few people were checking the offerings..

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