Mrok's photo of the day

By Mrok

Bikepolo at the city hall yard

Today woke up with the kids to beautiful weather. Ate the breakfast and spent morning outside playing and trying to help our son U to learn how to ride a bike without the kiddy wheels (?).

Afternoon left downtown to take part to bikepolo games and to see trackstand competition. Sun was shining behind some clouds and we played approx. thre hours at the Hayhead polo rink. After the trackstand competition we had some burgers and beer and continued to play at the yard of our city hall in the middle of the city.

Last autumn some local fixed gear riders kept a bikepolo show open for public when the city was having some "urban life" campaign and we they got a permanent green light to play at city halls yard as long as we kep it nice and clean and do not break anything. Nice ;)

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