Mrok's photo of the day

By Mrok

Mr.M like messenger

Today after work decided to use bike to pick up two Artek chairs we had ordered some time ago to the local Stockman boutique. Was going to go with my trusted Pelago with huge front rack to carry stuff but noticed that the rear tyre was empty.

Quick change of plans and headed to downtown with my Steamroller and L-sized Bagaboo messenger bag hoping that would be enough. Despite of the sales clerks facial expression managed to attach two boxes of chair to my back in a manner that felt comfortable to bike the 11kms back home.

Got some funny looks on my way home with the huge and wide load on my back but it was still nice. Biking always is especially when you can push the limits a bit. Too bad the pic does not do justice to the boxes I have at my back :)

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