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By lozarithm

Swan At Bowood Lake

Today I returned to Bowood, but this time going down to Bowood Lake for a bit of quality reading and writing time. I could have done this at home but whenever possible I would recommend getting out and about and finding somewhere scenic and outdoors. This was a better option before the invention of the mobile phone, but I was relatively safe as I don't give out my mobile number and to be on the safe side didn't have it with me.

I was very pleased that Swanee, Calne's solitary landlocked swan, finally disappeared, hopefully to live a fulfilled life somewhere in the company of other swans, but I do miss him every time I pass by the Wharf, where he used to hang out. There are several swans at Bowood, only a couple of miles away, and for all I know Swanee may be one of them. This one was grazing close to where I was sitting but is definitely a different swan. There were also coots and Canada geese on the lake and various gulls. It was a beautiful afternoon and I got a lot done.

Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

Day #421
Blip #419
Consecutive Blip #416

Canada Geese
Bowood Lake (Pentax 18-55mm)

One Year Ago: Mannie

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