Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

The Masks : The Morning After the Night Before

I mentioned the boys were at a masked ball last night and wouldn't let me Blip them as they departed all brushed up for the occasion in full Highland Dress. Although three years apart, they look very alike, and are often mistaken for the other, so they swapped "faces" just to confuse everyone.

#1 returned around 5 am, #2 at 11 am, neither too worse for wear, in fact #1 headed off for a crazy dip session in Loch Lomond. All part of the end of university session madness.

#1 kindly agreed to the above entry. So you have his mask, and the reverse of his brothers. I like the way the holes for the eyes look like they are sparkling, and the hole for the elastic band above his eyebrow ressembles a piercing. I think they did really well to create these cardboard cut outs from enlarged photographs - all their own work.

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