A Pic is Worth a 1000 Words.

By AgrawalKrish


Aunty made me wake up early morning to start for airport, Last night she wanted me to take a pic of their Parrot, it was too late by the time we reached home after dinner so thought of taking a pic this morning. Parrot didn't want to pose for me and kept moving here and there, I was getting late every minute but then couldn't say a blunt NO too to my Aunt. Finally got couple of cool shots and told her I'll send the pics once I reach US and settle down. I had only 1.15 hours left before boarding and I was still @ home. Our another house is near to my Uncle's home and he had parked the car in our Porch. It took him sometime to get the car from there and by the time I kept all the bags and sat inside we had less than 1 hour left. I started countdown that if we don't reach & I check-in in another 20 mins I'm gonna miss this flight. Luckily there was no traffic early morning and we could make it to airport just before the boarding closed.

After getting the boarding pass queued up for security check, realized I forgot to tie the BAG-TAGs, came out of the security check line and rushed towards booking counter to get couple for my cabin & laptop/camera bags.

Couple of days ago one of my friends (featured in blip today) got married, he called me after marriage (on marriage reception day) and started complaining why didn't I attend his marriage ?
I : didn't even know the date, Where would I have come without the invitation ?
He : I sent an email to you.
I : didn't get any email from you in recent past.
He : oh probably I mistyped your email ID in hurry. He wanted me to at least attend his marriage reception party which was in couple of hours.
I : am in different city and don't have bike to travel, how will I come there ?
He : I don't know, come by train, I'll send Car to pick you up @ station.
I : am stuck at one place right now and it will take at least 1 - 2 hours for me to reach home and then I'll have to get ready. I don't even know which train will be available this time. Don't mind but it's really last minute call, I won't be able to make it.
He : was very disappointed.
I : couldn't do anything else but was regretting that I won't be able to meet him before I start back for US.

When I was running towards booking counter to get the Tags for my bag couldn't believe seeing him near to the next booking counter. If I wouldn't have come back for tags, won't even know he was there in the airport. Since I had already checked-in didn't care much about hurrying for security check and thought of talking to couple for sometime.
Surprised him by patting on his shoulder, he introduced me to his wife and I asked them to take few shots, they both agreed (this is not the shot I took there). Airport security official came and stopped me saying "Photography is not allowed here". I had already taken few shots. Showed him I didn't click anything objectionable here. He got convinced but requested not to click anymore. OKIE.

My friend had booked his ticket in Indian Airlines but because of internal issues flight was delayed by 4 hours & he was not informed ontime. He asked me to talk to Indian Airlines folks to book ticket in my plane (JET-AIRWAYS) so that we all can travel together. I talked to IA folks and they said they are trying their best and will let my friend know if they can accommodate him. I was getting late for security clearance so bid a good-bye to both of them and wished them luck. After sitting inside the plane before takeoff saw the couple making it to flight. Once we landed in Delhi I asked them for a pose HERE so that I can click my blip :) [Perfect place: Looks like they both are getting blessings by Almighty].

They were travelling by air for the first time so my friends parents were worried and calling every other moment and giving instructions. He told them that I'm with them and not to worry.

I asked my friend whats his plan now because I'll be gone soon with my friend (who's waiting outside the airport). He said he needs to go to "Rohilla Sarai" in Delhi to keep his luggage in cloakroom and then hire a taxi to spend rest of the day in Delhi. I used to live in Delhi but never heard of this place. I said to him: Don't worry lets go out, my friend is born and brought up in Delhi he'd help you. We were waiting for our checked-in bags and meanwhile I called up my friend NISHU.

I: told Nishu that I've reached airport & asked where is he ?
Nishu: said he's still on his way and will be here in some 10-15 mins.
I: called him again after coming out of the airport and asked his position.
N** : said he's waiting for me at Lower level of airport.
I: said, I am standing at Upper level of airport and asked him to come up.
N** : said it will take some time for him because he'll have to turn all the way back.
I: said no problem I'll wait.
after sometime N*** calls and says he's @ Upper level and doesn't see me, I said I'm standing between PILLAR # 2 & 3. He said he's standing infront of PILLAR# 2 but doesn't see me. I asked him to come forward. He calls back saying he still doesn't see me.
I: tell him there is a FLYOVER where I'm standing... DAMN if there is a flyover means I'm standing @ LOWER level not @ Upper level. By this time Nishu had already gone till 5th Gate and there was no way he could come back. He said I'll come back. Meanwhile I realized my mistake and started running towards UPPER deck. It was all the confusion created by me.. SORRYYYY.. finally could see him coming towards me.

Asked him if he knows this place called "Rohilla Sarai", he says NO MAN.
What ?? which place is this in Delhi which you too don't know.

Now I turn back and told my friend it's better if he can go to a PRE-PAID Taxi booth and hire a cab, they'll know about this place. He was skeptical and was not ready to go to PRE-PAID TAXI BOOTH. I convinced him that those people must know each place in City and would help him. Also told him that we'll wait for him for next 15 mins if he doesn't find anything give us a call and we'll take him with us. He got convinced and leaves for PRE-PAID TAXI BOOTH. Airport security guard saw us standing there for longer time and asked to move the vehicle. Suddenly Nishu remembers something... Oye.. its not "Rohilla Sarai" it's "Sarai Rohilla Railway Station".. FISH.. call him immediately we'll drop him on our way. Nishu calls his # but I get the vibration in my Jeans (after making last call to Nishu I kept mobile with me only).. DAMN his mobile is with me... FISH... how will he contact us back, does he even know that I've his mobile with me & we've moved out vehicle because of airport security guard.. Now we can't even leave because he'll be in big trouble without mobile. I asked Nishu I'll go inside airport and search for him, I started running here & there suddenly saw both of them coming towards me, huff luckily it was not a big trouble. We dropped them on our way and instructed the AUTO guy to drop them safely till RLY Station.

I was suppose to meet one of my juniors from collage @ Gaziabad, UP but Nishu suggested to go to Gurgaon, HR to meet one of our common friend "R.G**". Okie dokie. He turned the wheel towards GGN and after around 35mins we were near her office. Nishu dialled her number and gave me the phone.
I: Yo, wassup ?
R. G***: Badhiya (Good). H R U ?
I: We are waiting here @ your office, please come out.
R. G***: Cool, didn't you know it's holiday today...
We got bigger surprise.
Lets go buddy we'll roam little more here and head towards our Destination (Gaziabad, UP). Called up my junior to ask for route to his home.
in US we just follow google map, in INDIA you need to understand whole locality to reach an address. He gave me whole Street view details till his home which was really useful to locate the landmark he proposed to meet.

Delicious lunch & some clicks there afterwards we started back towards IHC. While going to my junior's home I noticed a building marked HEADSTRONG, it's the company where one of our other common friend works (but neither of us had her number). Called up R. G*** twice to get the number but Alas! she was busy & couldn't attend our calls.

Still stopped the car and asked security guard if we can meet our friend, He told us it's Holiday ( here TOO, damn ).

Before returning to IHC we thought of going to one final place to see another friend Piyush. We DID meet him but since he had an important meeting to attend he promised to meet us @ IHC later in the evening.

We both headed towards IHC and exchange some thoughts on photography / poem. Later when Piyush joined us @ American Diner lot more chit-chat for sometime and finally left for home @ around 11:15pm.

Aunty was still waiting for us for Dinner.. mannnn we gave her too much of trouble.

After real Spicy Delicious food it was time to hit the bed. No time for any more chit chat... ** Bedroom Door chirps very bad :)

*It's a Backblip# 02*

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