The Phoenix Rises

By sheilaM

A wee bit of West Wemyss

I actually made it to the gym today and do I feel it?
Oh yes!

After the 18th party last night, the house was beautifully peaceful and I managed a 2 hour undisturbed read. Luxury.

Ally dragged me out to look for vans this afternoon and arrived at the place we wanted to get to and found it to be closed. Never mind, we did find a gem of a place where old caravans go to die. Well actually to be canabalised and we found a wee beauty.
All we need is a van to fit out and we're sorted.

I haven't been as excited about a caravan for a long time, (if ever).

So it seems we are almost definately on for campervan heaven. Just wait to see the blips this produces, or run very fast in the other direction.

I wonder if the BBC would be interested in a programe called, "Campervan DIY, SOS".
I can always hope.

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