A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

Sparkly cane

Yep - made it to tap and was rewarded with dancing with a sparkly cane. Tune was Putting on the Ritz if you want to sing along. It was an hour of pure fun. Actually that's not quite true as we are trying to learn a new step and it's really hard. But I now have a recording of my teacher doing it on my phone which I'm hoping might help with my practicing.

Other than that a rather lot of work done today, partly helped by the kids very kindly arranging playdates at the same time. I'm about to make one of them unhappier than the other as they get picked up first but I think it will just spur them on with that science project to clone me. Necessity is after all the mother of two children who want life to be exactly and perfectly fair.

I'm supposed to start packing for our trip tonight but I'm planning on putting my feet up and doing nothing. It would be the perfect crime if I had a clone. Darn those lazy kids.

Lesley x

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