A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

Hidden treasures

Obviously the bridge (Chiswick Bridge) is not hidden but stealing this view of it felt so. Even if at the time I was quite distracted by not knowing how to get to where I wanted to get to. Having finally conquered my fear of cycling in the road I decided to cycle to my meeting in Richmond Park. Not least because it is, at least in theory, quicker than the public transport options. When you don't really know the way, have to keep stopping to look on a map and turning back on yourself that very much remains a theory. Next time...

With all of that faffing and deciding to take the pretty route home along the river I managed to turn a 9 mile round trip into a 15 mile one. My legs are a little weary now. Kids are happily playing in the garden so I'm going to fortify myself for a girlie night out with a little lie-down; a power nap with my eyes open. Let's see if it works.

And in the middle of all that cycling there was a very pleasant meeting with an associate walking around the park and talking work stuff when we weren't spotting deer, foxes and herons. I love Richmond Park and its feeling of space with the occasional glimpse of the City skyline through the trees in case you'd forgotten you were still in London.

Happy days
Lesley x

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