A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley


Meet Rachel.

Rachel and I 'met' doing our coaching certification nearly two years ago. For six months we attended weekly conference calls together. More than with anyone else on the calls we clicked. Afterwards we continued to stay in touch via Skype. I hoped that one day I would knock on her door in Brooklyn and we would meet properly.

Well before I could do that, on Saturday Rachel emailed to say she was in London until Wednesday. Not much flexibility for scheduling something but it was too good an opportunity to miss. So tonight I headed down to Barnes to meet her for a drink before a gig her partner was playing.

The most incredible thing was that it wasn't that incredible; in as much as it didn't feel like I was meeting her for the first time. Just goes to show what good connections can be made and friendships formed with technology.

As you can see for yourselves Rachel has the biggest and warmest of smiles. She is funny and smart and it was worth every effort to meet her properly, if only for a short while. Rachel will be reading this and, who knows, maybe joining blip herself. Something else in our armoury for keeping in touch across the pond.

Cheers Rach!
Lesley x

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