A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

Another memory related blip

These are chocolate chip bars. A very familiar sight to me, my brothers and any of our childhood friends who visited our house, or our university friends who were in the vicinity following a visit from my parents.

These have been baked for a school cake sale tomorrow so are now safely packed away.*

I realised rather shamefully that I had never made them. Which means my kids have only had them at Grandma's house. Nice that they too associate them with my mom. However, I think they are something that I would like to be a common link between my childhood and theirs. So I resolve to make them more often. An added bonus is, of course, that I will get to eat them more often too :-)

Today was the second of two busy client days, which are my favourites but also the most draining - partly travel, largely having to use my brain. Tomorrow is mad busy rushing between places but am hoping that less of my brain will be required.

Lesley x

*I'm about to have dinner but will obviously need to test one for quality control after...

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