A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

Old Mother Hubbard

Tomorrow we head off on holiday for 9 days so supplies are running low around here. Add that to a mad busy day running around doing all sorts, giving my cook the night off and you have pizza for tea. The (ahem, homegrown) basil is my attempt to make it more interesting. Sort of worked.

A lot of tomorrow will be spent in the car. Actually, thinking about it, J will be in the car for as long as he will be in school. With slightly less running around. The focus of my holiday prep so far has been on car entertainment. Along with the ubiquitous electronic gadgets we now have a stack of activity books - colouring, mazes, puzzles, stickers...

Actually, that's slightly misleading, it's been my only holiday prep so far...

Oh well, tomorrow I have as long as we will be in the car for, what can possibly go wrong?

A rather rushed photo session with my pizza tonight. You wouldn't believe how many totally out of focus pictures of pizza it is possible to take. Really, you wouldn't. This is the best of the lot and will have to do. Rather like my tea.

Lesley x

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