Rainbow Bandit Bomb

Another obscure title tonight I'm afraid, I will explain this one in a minute. And I make no apologies for tonight's shot. It is not another oft-blipped 'viaduct in the morning sunshine' blip but in fact a blip of the buttercups in the foreground and, of course, the rainbow. The viaduct was just too large to photoshop out without leaving a huge hole in the centre of the shot.

Back to the title. It is testament to the powers of suggestion and memory that on a night in the theatre back in 1980 I enjoyed Ballet Rambert's production 'Rainbow Ripples'. The ballet was danced to repeated sequences of spoken words, 'Rainbow, Bandit, Bomb' being amongst them. It so affected Tony that he had to go out because it made him feel ill - a bit like the spoken version of flashing lights I think.

LATE EXTRA: I should have known that if I mentioned removing the viaduct my clever friend would take up the challenge! I obviously need some tutoring on Photoshop too!

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