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By SJordan

Goodbye Exams! Hello Summer! :)

Today I had my last exam - Whoop! Whoop! Meaning, I'm now off for Summer... Bigger Whoop! Whoop! It actually went so much better than any of us imagined it would, which is always nice... Now just the waiting game for results, but that's a thought for later, now the focus is on SUMMER 2011 BABY! :D There's so many things I want to do this summer, I'm going to make it awesome!

After my exams I headed into Belfast town for a quick visit before heading home, where I caught up on Big Love and Glee. It feels so good to be able to sit down and watch tv without thinking about the other more important things you could be doing... I'm really looking forward to sitting down and reading a book, for pleasure, not because I have to! Oh gosh, freedom from assignments and exams, how I've missed you...

Anyhoo! As many of you know, it was my birthday yesterday, thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes. Due to my exam this morning, I didn't get to celebrate my birthday yesterday, so it was delayed until this evening. Laura, Kirsty, Daniel and Myself went out for dinner in Villa Italia, it was so good! The food was awesome, and the company couldn't have been better. Thank you for a lovely evening guys. :D Kirsty even got us (Laura and I, her birthday was last Thursday, the day before our other exam!) a cake and vouchers to go to 'Appy Feet for a fishy pedicure, very excited about that! :D Overall, it's been a lovely day!

Kirsty & Daniel.
Kirsty & Laura
Daniel & Laura.


P.S. That's Daniel and Myself in my pic.

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