tempus fugit

By ceridwen

Helping with the hay harvest

I had to give today over to getting in the hay. The grass in the yard was cut last week and I've raked and turned it several times only to see it drenched on Saturday.
But today was fine and breezy - too breezy. As I gathered the dry grass into piles and loaded into the wheelbarrow the wind snatched it and flung it around. Not helpful.

Casey sat out the day's labour patiently, like a good farmer's dog.
Fred's brief contribution was to hide in the hay, pounce on the rake, and treat the whole business as an entertainment especially designed for cats. Not helpful.

Come tea-time the whole lot was under cover, my face was burning and the rain started. Phew.

We'll make hay while the sun shines (Wait for the vocals!)

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