tempus fugit

By ceridwen

"Why men lie...and women cry"

If I'd bought this book on the charity stall at the market I might know the answer by now but I wasn't tempted, nor was I tempted by "Feng Shui" nor by "The Ultimate Container Garden", nor indeed by "The Feng Shui of Gardening" but there were several other titles that I was tempted to add to the piles of yet-to-be-read books that fill every corner of the house. This man is tempted and the woman who's minding the stall has already fallen for the lure of a second-hand book. They aren't even priced: it's up to you how much you give for the charity.

Personally, I think it all the fault of the little fellow there in front, with the red top and the come-hither expression: he's the book devil in disguise. Vade retro me satana!

Check it out BIGGER if you're tempted. It's my submission for this week's CHALLENGE.

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