Life with The Pinks

By suzypink


This morning I had the second session of my family learning course. This week I will be making tick lists for Master Pink, I will breathly slowly if I get angry (!) and I will be praise praise, praising! I may also make a praise box, if I have a spare five minutes and establish family rules over sunday lunch. (please note, although I may sound slightly tongue in cheek about this, I actually found this mornings session really helpful, and I am actually hoping to do the above, but possibly not all this week!)

The mini pinks have had a very sociable day. Miss Pink spent the morning with her besto, while I went to the family session. Master Pink went to his friend's house for tea. It felt a bit wierd not picking him up from school, but he clearly had a brilliant time. "And they have a forest at the bottom of their garden Mummy....but you can only go in it with a grown up!"

While Master pink was at his friend's, miss pink and I went for a walk with Bunny, blanket and Bunny's pushchair. Miss Pink decided actually that she would run, quite fast. We ended up at the garden centre, and whilst there we found the water features were working with real life water! Miss Pink thought they were brilliant, and we spent 20 minutes trying each one out, and examining the water, and the bubbles. This one was the best though, it had "monkeys" on it , and they were having a drink!

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