Life with The Pinks

By suzypink

Muddy Puddles

Hooray it has rained. And we were very excited and also quite amused as we almost swam to school this afternoon to pick the children up. I promised MissPink that if she wore her wellies to Church, that after Messy Thursday we could splash in the puddles. So we did. And the mini pinks and their friend has a brilliant time. I felt quite sad to take them home for tea as miss Pink was clearly having such a fab time. Perhaps there will be more puddles tomorrow to splash in. If not I shall make some on the patio!!!

I was Gladys Aylward in assembly today. The last week of dressing up (I think)!! And tonight was the last Messy Church for the moment. It's a fabulous thing to do, but we need to relook at it, and ask what He wants us to do with it, as it's not bringing in many children and we're working really hard to prepare for it.

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