My first image of the beautiful unraveling ferns around here. It's been so uninviting out there...but this afternoon, while everyone was off collecting horse shit for the garden.....i'm soooo glad i had work in the studio to do...hehehehe...i took a walk, misty and damp, but at least it wasn't so wet that i couldn't lie down on the road and take some shots of the wonderful ferns.

Another productive day here......i did some trimming, and put handles on brie bakers....oh my god, baked brie is just the most amazing culinary delight - and i probably wouldn't have tried it if one of the stores i sell my work to hadn't asked me to make some of these dishes. Not only did i have to google what a brie baker looked like, i had to find recipes that would be useful in the testing of these pieces! I'm nothing but dedicated to making sure my pieces work in the proper way!!!

Richard, Richard, Amandine and Terry spent their time digging up lots of horse shit from the local ranch, and brought it back to benefit the garden! there is more to read, once i get my blog updated.

check here later on for more images.

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