horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

The Huddle

Is it just me, or do these Goslings look like a football team about to start a match having a last quick team talk?

Quick ride by Duddingston Loch this morning on the way into work early. Last day to do before going on holiday you see. And by eck the loch provided. Herons fighting and Baby Rabbits providing the main entertainment along with the Goslings (who had been herded into a huddle by their parents and, like any young child being told to have a sleep, were surreptitiously not sleeping).

So. Not a bad day, and out only about 40 minutes later than normal time. Packing and sorting to do, but there are lists, and we won't be leaving for the Isles till about midday. I had hoped to be able to blip while away, but I just can't get the Eye-Fi card in the camera to work with my iPhone, so there will be a couple of weeks of back blips to go through on our return. At least I've had the foresight to take the Monday after we get back off.

Skye + Harris (+ St Kilda) = peace; quiet; wildlife (sea eagles and golden eagles will be mine); scenery; relaxation. Okay, so we go to Skye every year, but every time we come back I start looking forward to going back again...

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